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Who are we?

Moss Photography is a full service professional photography firm that specializes in Architecture as well as Corporate & Editorial Portraiture. We are passionate about photography, and (according to our clients) easy and fun to work with. We consistantly produce outstanding photography for our clients.


Our business model is simple:

Get more business for your business by giving you the best images possible, all without breaking the bank.


We have been providing clients with award winning photography for a quarter of a century. Our expertise in digital technology, combined with our post production skills, delivers final images ready for competition, look great in your portfolio or website, help you win that next project, or all three. Files are delivered in your preferred format, via a file share system or DVD, depending on your needs.


Lighting is just as important as camera angle choice when capturing your original vision. We carry up to 14 cases of lighting and equipment, depending on the scope of the project. We use our experience to light the space without looking over lit. We feel lighting should compliment a scene, not over power it.


Take a look at our portfolios here on-line, and give us a call to get specific information concerning your next project. We'll get back to you with a quote.


Your creative team will love our quality, and your grouchy old CFO will love our pricing. Heck, the CFO will love it even if they're not grouchy or old! I'll stake my name on it.


~Vic Moss~